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Commercial generators

A Power House of Solutions for your Commercial Needs

At Sommers, “business as usual” means you have the power to keep your business processes, communications and customer service running worry-free, day in and day out. Sommers provides a full range of custom designed standby power and prime power solutions to keep the lights on and lines open when your customers need you most.




of experience

Our 80+ years of experience provides the expertise and insight to deliver complete, easy-to-buy diesel or gas-fuelled generator systems right sized for every enterprise from the head office or IT centre, to hotels and retail shops.

For business on the go, we build and service towable mobile power systems and truckable portable generators. We also stock a large inventory of rental generator systems for emergency use or short-term projects.

Our Power Assurance service support is your best line of defense against unexpected power outages, backed by 24/7 emergency service Canada-wide.

Generator systems is all we do. Count on Canada‘s Power House to keep your business serving customers reliably!

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