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We’ve been here 24/7/365 for 84 years and its not about to change now!
Our sales, service and rental staff are available to assist 24/7
call 1-800-690-2396 to speak with one of our staff.

Canada’s Power House in Generator Systems for over 80 years.

Let us Help you get exactly what you need.

Canada’s Power House in Generator Systems for over 80 years.

Let us Help you get exactly what you need.
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Since 1936, Sommers Generator Systems have been trusted by Canadians to protect their homes, farms and businesses. We provide tailored generator solutions backed by our knowledgeable staff, on call….24/7/365.


You’re committed to the well being of your crops and livestock. We’re committed to provide you a tailored standby or prime power generator package to deliver on your promise.

Agricultural Generators


Running a business can be challenging and when the power goes out it can be costly! Protect your business from lost orders and missed opportunities with a back up generator system built for your needs.

Commercial Generators


No time for down time!. Unexpected power outages can interrupt production schedules and force the shutdown of manufacturing.  Automatic standby generators properly sized to your plant provide just in time delivery of power when its needed most.

Industrial Generators


Peace of mind that you and your family won’t have to endure the next storm in the dark! Learn all about why a standby generator is right for you.

Residential Generators

Now more than ever we need to stand together and support local businesses.

Purchase a 12 or 20K Briggs & Stratton Home Standby Generator

and receive a $100 gift card

to the restaurant of your choice within Perth County.

This Gift Card can be used upon reopening of restaurant,
or now if take out meals are currently available.

Generate regrowth together.


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