Residential Home Standby Generators

Sommers Residential standby generators briggs and stratton natural gas propane backup power

Briggs & Stratton Power Protect Generators

Power Protect generators range in size from 10kW to 26kW and have the option of either a
6 year standard warranty or 10 year extended warranty (DX models)
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How does a home standby system work?

Why make the investment?

Protect against storm damage & costs associated with power outages

There are many risks to a home not having power, whether it's water damage from the sump pump not working, to food spoilage with the freezer off or even hotel stays & meals - you can avoid the unexpected financial burdens with a backup / standby generator

Lower Homeowners Insurance

Deter break-ins with constant security & remote monitoring which can reduce your homeowners insurance

Comfort during power outages

A home standby generator keeps your family running, whether it's enjoying your favourite show, a hot meal or maintaining your heat in the winter or AC in the summer, you won't skip a beat!

Increased value

Increase your resale value by adding a generator system - a recent study by Remodeling magazine showed standby generators can increase your home resale value by up to 52%!
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Why Buy Sommers?

Sommers has been your local generator experts for over 85 years!
Briggs & Stratton quality home standby products feature a commercial-grade Vanguard engine and are backed by our Sommers 24/7/365 emergency service support and we offer the industry leading warranty — 6 years parts and labour while some DX models have a 10 year warranty!

Double Tested — All units are tested by Briggs and Stratton and again by Sommers in-house technicians prior to shipping. All units are tested under load to ensure proper operation.

Winter Ready — All of our units include a winter-kit (oil warmer) and battery so your investment is ready for our harsh Canadian winters.

Battery Optimization — Charging system and independent battery charger optimizes battery life with a 3-stage battery charger.

A typical installation consists of a Generator + Automatic Transfer Switch + Composite Pad. A licensed electrician, licensed gas fitter, permits and inspections are also required and provided. We would be happy to assist you in locating local contacts for your whole home installation.

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Briggs & Stratton Home Standby generator free quoteBriggs & Stratton home standby generator

Here for you when you need it most

Briggs & Stratton Power Protect Home Standby generators provide the security and dependability of uninterrupted power, regardless of the weather.
Briggs and Stratton 20kw home standby generator

Why Choose
Briggs & Stratton?

  • Best-In-Class Warranty
  • Highest-Rated Power Output in its Class
  • Commercial-Grade Vanguard® Power
  • Multiple Fuel Options (Natural Gas or Propane)
  • Assembled & Engineered in USA
  • Easy Installation & Serviceability (as close as 18" to a building)
  • Corrosion Resistant Enclosure & Base(Automotive-grade galvanneal steel base and aluminum enclosure)
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Power Protect models

Keep the lights on
with Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton Power Protect Home Standby Generator
Briggs & Stratton home standby generator keep the lights on when power goes out