Residential generators

The power to live better

When a power outage strikes, Sommers’ Residential Generators, ensure that your home or cottage automatically stays powered on. With a full range of generators that can be custom built to suit your home’s specific needs, you’ll always have standby power ready.

Why choose a home generator?

There are many reasons that a power outage may occur, from natural causes like severe storms, snow, and wildlife, to scheduled interruptions, to technology failures, or even unexpected errors like a brown or blackout. Power outages cost households anywhere from hundreds of dollars in food loss, or alternative shelter, to thousands of dollars due to a flooded basement or frozen pipes.

When your home or cottage loses power, the first thing you notice is the inconvenience. Not being able to turn on a light, watch television, or keep your home at a comfortable temperature are all minor aggravations. The longer the power is out, the more you’re inconvenienced. The food in your fridge and freezer starts to spoil, you can’t take a shower, and it becomes too cold that you have to find somewhere else to stay – all while waiting for the power to come back on. Every hour, day, week without power only intensifies the issue – perhaps your pipes freeze or your basement floods. All of these major, and minor, issues can be avoided with a Sommers residential generator. They’re a low-noise, long-lasting, and economical protection solution. Count of Canada’s Power House to keep your home, cottage, or camp running!

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